What is a Will?

A Will is a written instrument executed by you, the Testator (or the person writing the will) establishing who you want to inherit your property.

There are very specific rules regarding the interpretation of a valid will.

A handwritten or form will can be perfectly legal and binding.  However, if there is a mistake or omission, the entire document can be determined to be invalid and can be ignored.

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Case in point:

I met a family whose small children were to receive $250,000 from their grandmother who had died.  She refused to see an attorney and instead added her minor grandchildren as beneficiaries of her bank accounts.  The children lived with their parents who would certainly use the money wisely for the kids.  Unfortunately, the bank was not allowed to release the money to the minors nor the parents.  A guardianship had to be established, costing the parents thousands of dollars in court fees.  The money was eventually placed in blocked accounts by court order.  The funds then could not be accessed without further court order.  Once the children reach 18, they get it all in one lump sum.  Not a great plan.  All because Grandmother didn’t think she needed an attorney.