What is a Trust?

The word “Trust” can mean dozens of things.  In the estate planning world a Trust means an instrument designed to administer your assets during incapacity or after death, while avoiding probate

Trusts can be written in as many ways as you can imagine.  Like many others the avoidance of probate is the reason you want to create a trust. 

When you have a properly written trust it can help your loved ones avoid or minimize estate taxes, prevent your surviving spouse from giving everything to a subsequent spouse or care giver, allow for special provisions for your child who may need to have his or her funds protected from waste or seizure, all while avoiding probate.

We custom design your trust to meet your personal circumstances within the requirements of the law.

Call us today for your Living Trust, and take care of the things that matter now... while you can!

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Case in point:

We were recently contacted to help sort out a trust that had been created with an online company.  After trying to hunt down records, the notary and witnesses, there was no alternative but to file for court supervision as it had been so horribly written.  And, as it turned out, the person who had the trust had paid almost as much for this online disaster as I would've charged for an entire trust package.  He did receive a very nice leather binder for the money he spent to hold his invalid documents.