Why come to me?

My practice is small and personal.  And that's the way I try to keep it.  This is not a high volume firm where we could lose you in mounds of paperwork. 

I enjoy representing people in the areas of trusts, wills, probate matters, and related issues.  We work with you and your special concerns.  Both English and Spanish are spoken to help us better understand your particular needs.

Most of those I help are referrals from former clients.  This just means people who I've worked for liked what I did and how I got it done for them.  These personal referrals are the best reflection of my personal and attentive service.

Many people are confused about what constitutes Estate Planning.  A lot think that when they die their property will naturally go to their children, or that a will can keep their property out of probate, or that anyone can create a trust - especially with online direction. 

The mistake is that the law is not about intentions or fairness, it’s about rules - sometimes very confusing rules.  What you don’t know certainly can and will hurt you.  And if not you, your family or loved ones.

Frequently, I meet couples where only one spouse is a US citizen. 

Did you know inheritance taxes are completely different for a surviving non-citizen spouse?

Did you know that when you create a trust it can have special provisions to prohibit an adult child from wasting their inheritance on drugs or alcohol? 

Did you know that if you have a child with special needs provisions to protect that child for the future can be written?

Did you know that if you are divorced, have minor children, and you die without proper planning your money could easily go to your ex-spouse to manage for your children?

Did you know the probate administration of an estate of approximately $300,000 in fair market value could cost the estate between $8,000 and $15,000?

Don't you find it frightening that people will risk all they own, everything they have worked for during their entire lives, by failing to have an attorney assist them when it comes to creating an estate plan?

Call us today to take care of the things that matter now... while you can!

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